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If you are someone who wants to make money, I will present a fully automatic tool that will be generating a constant return on your investments. In fact there are several tools in the same Pack if you purchase the VIP license. Bots for Forex and Bots for cryptocurrencies, free forever with an unlimited license only for the first 5.000 purchases, (others will be created for commodities).

Before, watch this video, and if you are still interested, then read the next lines, because I will give you the key to success in 2019.

Renewed Presentation Arbistar 2.0 English

Well, as you can see, this company develops software for very powerful and good investments, something that many of us are already earning day by day. Especially with the Community Bot, since the launch of Forex software is scheduled for September 2019.

If you have understood everything correctly you have 2 options to enter the company.

1- Make a contribution to the community Bot (minimum 0.1 BTC -- maximum 5 BTC) and this will make your capital yield approximately 0.7% daily, which is about 21% monthly or so. Not bad right?

2- Buy the VIP license (limited to only 5,000 users) for a price of € 5,000 that includes the following:

  • Personal Bot (can only be obtained with the VIP license): Bot that operates in cryptocurrency arbitrage taking advantage of price differences, is the same as the community but we manage our own money, so the benefits are even greater.
  • 4 Forex Bots: Bots developed to trade Forex with very good returns
  • All future bots that the company develops from now free forever.
  • All this unlimited time licenses for life.
  • In addition, bots that you do not use (except the Personal Bot) you can sell, so you can recover the investment of your purchase.

I must add that the community bot, despite being very interesting, will soon be cut to new users, also can not be reinvested or provide more capital for those who already are, which means that if at the time that happen, we have invested € 10,000, from that moment we can only collect returns every week, without being able to contribute more or reinvest, just collect every week, so those of us who have it are injecting more and more money so that at that time, our Weekly benefits will be as high as possible.

What do I need to register?

To register you need only 2 things.

  • Have a Bitcoin wallet (now I tell you how to do it)
  • Somebody invite you to the company (click on my Register link in Arbistar and you already got it)

How do I create my Bitcoin wallet and what do I need it for?

At the moment, the company only accepts payments in Bitcoin, therefore, I recommend that you go to this Video where I tell you how to create your wallet and how to know the address of your wallet to register with Arbistar. If you have questions, you can always contact me from my contact form.

(this video is in spanish, but you can find videos with the words «how to create a Coinbase account»)

Cómo ganar dinero con Arbistar, bitcoin gratis.

Can I earn more?

Of course, the company has developed the Friend Plan, a multilevel style system with which you will earn 2% of what your affiliates get in the community Bot and … 6% of the purchase they make of any of the softwares of the company. You will get your affiliate link at the moment you make your first contribution or purchase.

Do you still have doubts ?, contact me, because if you join my team, you will always have all the information. I leave here the contact form.

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